a man in a blue jacket and hat with a hat on
a man in a blue jacket and hat with a hat on
Artists statement

With watercolor and mixed medium, I paint post-urban landscapes and visions of the world reclaimed by nature.

My creative process is playful, often quirky, and free. Letting go and being sincere with yourself is part of life's philosophy that I want to express with my art.

I get a lot of inspiration from long walks, childhood memories, and post-industrial zones.



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Julius Narkūnas
Born in 1982, in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Living and working in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2000-2004 Architecture BA (Vilnius Art’s Academy)
2004-2006 Theory and history of architecture MA-not finished (Vilnius Tech, VGTU)

2023-06-10 – I’ve been thinking as I walked. Solo exhibition.

2017 – Bi-City Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture. Curator and artist. As a member of a creative group. http://www.urbanus.com.cn/uabb/uabb2017/

2009 – X Baltic International Art Triennial “Urban Stories” (Vilnius COOP). Group exhibition.
As a member of a creative group. https://cac.lt/paroda/miesto-istorijos-10-oji-baltijos-tarptautinio-meno-trienale/